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Brand New and Updated 2019 DogDays App is Almost Here!

2021 Image Packs for DogDays App Publish Date

Image packs accompanying 2021 calendars of your favorite dog breeds will be released on November 1st. Make a reminder to update DogDays App on your Android or iOS device. New image packs will bring ton of quality images, and you can even get bonus images by playing fun and relaxing games. Collect all bonus images and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email, directly from the app.

Image packs can be obtained through custom Calendar Store within the app, but you can get them FREE OF CHARGE if you buy one of the calendars of your favorite dog breed. You can check available 2021 calendars on the link below:
2021 Calendars with BONUS DogDays App

Looking for calendars with different theme to accompany the calendar of your favorite dog breed? Check with online retailers such as and Amazon. Simply click the links below:
BrownTrout 2021 Calendars on
BrownTrout 2021 Calendars on Amazon

2021 Calendar Collection

A Special Treat for Dog Lovers

BrownTrout publishers as the leading company in the market of calendars has prepared something special for animal lovers. Our new 2021 pet boutique catalog is available now.

Dog lovers are in for a special treat. Amazing calendars featuring fantastic photos of a lot of dog breeds isn’t the only thing they can rejoice. There is also a fully featured calendar application DogDays which comes bundled with your favorite furry friends.

The DogDays App integrates your pet into your schedule, so you never have to be apart. DogDays App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Android Tablet. Check out our new 2021 pet boutique catalogue and order your copy now!

Check out DogDays 2021 Calendars

2021 Calendar Collection

Connecting People to Their Passions

We announce the new collection of calendars and stationery products, such as planners, diaries and journals, for 2021. Through careful selection and out of thousands of submitted photos, our editors knitted everyday products to appeal to your passions and dreams. We strive to create products that not only increase your productivity, and ensure you remember important dates, but also bring added value to each day. Our products are decorative and are famous for being great conversation starters. The 2021 Product Catalog is already available online and in print. Please submit your orders early, to ensure availability.

Click the link below to check out new catalog:
BrownTrout 2021 Calendar Collection

Brand New and Updated 2019 DogDays App is Almost Here!

2020 Dog Breeds Calendars are Here!

All new and refreshed for the 2020, BrownTrout calendars featuring your favorite dog breeds are here. All calendars include free download of DogDays App for iOS and Android. You just need to scan the code on the back of the calendar to redeem the image pack of your favorite dog breed. You can also purchase image packs of other dog breeds through the app itself.

Please checkout all available 2020 DogDays App calendars by visiting the link below:
2020 Dog Breeds Calendars

Brand New and Updated 2019 DogDays App is Almost Here!

Brand New and Updated 2020 DogDays App is Almost Here!

We have exciting news for all dog lovers! Brand new and updated version of DogDays app is set to be released on September 1st of 2019. App will be available for all iOS and Android based phones and tablets. 2020 calendars that include bonus download of DogDays app are already available for pre-order and you can check them all on the link below:
2020 Calendars with DogDays App

App will include bonus images that are unlockable through a series of classic puzzle mini-games that are both engaging and challenging. Collect all bonus images and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email, directly from the app.

We will announce download availability on the link below, so make sure to keep an eye on it.
2020 DogDays App